Our customers

Our growers produce to the highest standards and over 90% of our product is destined for the high street supermarkets.

As margins get tighter, retailers have moved to shorten supply chains and Asplins have been at the forefront of this trend.  In 2014 only 7% of our sales were direct to supermarket customers. In 2020 almost 64% of sales were direct to supermarket and this figure continues to rise.  We have achieved a 218% increase in turnover through this period, so direct sales have seen a 20-fold increase in 6 years.

During the UK season, Asplins PO fruit can be found in all of the major supermarkets, either marketed direct or through the customer-preferred route.

We also serve the restaurant/catering trade and the wholesale markets.

Our highly motivated and experienced sales team have lead the exponential growth in direct sales.  We employ technical managers, who liaise with customers and QA (quality assurance) teams in the packhouses.  They ensure that all of our produce, packaging and labelling meets customer specifications and that we have robust systems in place.

strawberries in grocery aisle